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Iron Night: A Generation V Novel

Iron Night - M.L. Brennan Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

OMG I am LOVING this series!!!

Iron Night by ML Brennan is the second installment in my newest favorite series. Generation V was released last year and it quickly became one of my favorite reads of the year. Fort and Suzume are such well crafted characters and the world the author produced is absolutely unique. It’s a book that stayed with me long after I was finished reading it and I was very anxious for the second book to release. You could say I had very high hopes for book two and I am happy to say that the book met each and every one of my expectations.

And then some.

Fort is a vampire but he has not finished transitioning into a full vampire yet. That means he’s a little bit vampire and a little bit human. When we meet him in book one he is fighting what he is becoming, vulnerable and scared. When we see him in this second book, he is a bit more comfortable with his role in his family and his ‘race’, but he’s still learning. In fact, his brother is showing him the ropes. That opening scene is SO FUNNY! Lines such as “This is why we don’t name or pet the goats.” made me laugh so hard. I love the humor in these books. It’s smart and witty humor – my favorite kind.

But back to Fort.

He is more confident but he still has that awkwardness and vulnerability that makes him so likable and so endearing. But I loved his growth and I love his moral making. He’s not cold like a vampire usually should be – he truly cares about the wellbeing of others, friends and strangers alike, and that is yet another thing I love about him.

Can you tell that I absolutely adore this character? He is definitely going on my favorite character list.

Another character that I absolutely love is Suzume. She is a kitsune, a fox shifter. She is unapologetic and sassy and suits Fort to a tee. The thing is they don’t seem to know this yet. But their chemistry is amazing, their dialogue is awesome and their scenes together are some of my favorite. She was sent to guard Fort in the first book and this time around she becomes his partner when they are trying to solve a mystery that Fort thinks he’s inadvertently involved in.

Which brings us to the story in this book.

Fort’s roommate, the first good one he’s had in ages, turns up murdered and Fort is wondering if it has anything to do with him and what he was responsible for in the first book. Turns out, the fae are involved and what is going on is EXTRA messed up! Amazing that ML’s imagination could even go there! The mystery part of the story really kept me on my toes. Let’s be honest though, there is no way anyone could figure out what was going on or who the ultimate bad guy was in this before you actually read it and your jaw hits the floor. And you wrinkle your nose. Because really…ew.

We meet a new character in this book that I really took to. Her name is Lilah and she hurt my head. What I mean by that is she is just a perfect match for Fort! I know I said that Suzume was, and I still think she is good for him, but Lilah really is just like him except she’s fae and he’s vampire. I wanted to only feel Suzume was compatible but here Lilah is, all sweet and cute and perfect and strong… I wanted to dislike her because she is ruining my perfect romantic image in my head for this series and yet I also found myself sort of rooting for her to hook up with Fort. How messed up is that?! ML did a fantastic job writing Lilah and, even though I want Suzume and Fort to wake up and hook up someday, I would still like to see Lilah in future books. She really was a sweet character.

I love where the book left off and where it is leading the series. Love the direction it seems to be going in. Of course, this means I can’t wait for the next book, Tainted Blood, which will be released later in 2014.

There are many fantastic scenes in this book but the one I keep going back to is the very last one. In that scene, our little Fort grows balls! And I loved it. I must have re-read that scene alone at least a dozen times. So awesome.

Generation V introduced us to a family of vampires unlike any you’ve ever met and introduced us to its youngest member. It also warmed your heart while keeping you on the edge of your seat. Iron Night expands on the characters in the series and the chemistry between them. It also expands on the world ML has created, showing us even more creatures that lurk within it. Iron Night did a wonderful job continuing Fort’s tale.

If you are looking for an exceptional urban fantasy read, you must check out Generation V and Iron Night. These are some of the best urban fantasy books I’ve read…ever. The style, the pace, the voice, the characters, the world, the story…all outstanding. A MUST for your bookshelves.

5plus stars