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Cursed By Destiny: A Weird Girls Novel

Cursed By Destiny - Cecy Robson Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

I want to write this without any spoilers. From this book, that will be no problem. From the last books, I’m not sure I can. In fact, I can’t. Otherwise this review would be so vague it would make no sense whatsoever. I’ll keep it under control though but just be warned. If you have not read the previous book, you will learn little things in this review. Also if you have not read the last books, what are you waiting for? This is a fantastic and exciting series!

Cursed by Destiny is the third book in Cecy Robson’s Weird Girls series. So far, I have been very impressed with this series and after finishing this book, I am still very impressed. The characters are so charismatic you can’t help but want to follow them, the pace is relentless in the very best of ways and the story makes your eyes bug out of your head while you scratch your head wondering in equal parts how Cecy ever came up with such a thing and ‘ZOMG is this really happening?’

The series is told from Celia’s point of view. She is a shifter (tigress) and also has some other powers that are way cool. In the last book, Celia suffered devastating heart break. Can you ever feel her pain and torment in this book! It is really written well. And sometimes it seems like it’s a lot but we have to remember that Celia’s mate is lost so her heart is more than just broken. All of this heartache and all of the scenes where you want her to get over it are important to her growth. She needs to know that yes, she needs him but she is also strong and awesome in her own right. She is also really growing as a warrior in this book and that was a real treat to see.

Aric, a werewolf, is also going through some serious heartache but you can’t feel as badly for him as you do Celia. That’s just because he’s a dude, I’m convinced of this lol. So yes, there are scenes where I want to smack him but I completely understand his dilemma. Don’t mean I like it, but I understand it and I accept it. Mostly.

Celia’s sisters, as always, were done justice by Cecy. I especially liked Emme in this book. She is growing out of her quiet self and becoming a stronger character and I really like that. She also has some pretty emotional scenes yet she picks herself up and is able to move on well-ish while showing everyone she is in control of her destiny. As I said, I really liked her in this book.

Micha, a vampire, felt more natural this time around. He’s always been interesting but I am starting to see how he may actually have genuine feelings for Celia. I like how he is trying to have Celia develop and discover her powers…even if that is not quite her idea of a good time. And Tye…interesting that one. I want to know more. Chang and Ying-Ying were also interesting and fun characters and I hope we see more of them in future installments.

One more little group of characters I want to mention…the catholic school girl vampires. They were amazing in this book! So funny!

The story is…fast and furious. Many death attempts occur and explosions and demon beings trying to destroy the world and… You know, the usual for a Weird Girls book. You will never be bored reading one of these, that is for sure!

The ending. Oh the ending. We who read this series are used to Cecy sharing some pretty significant information with her readers in the very last sentences of her books and leaving us thinking “What?! The book ends here?! But I want to know!” Well…that ain’t nothing like the bomb she drops at the end of this book. And it comes out of nowhere…and just leaves you there! When you read it you are thinking “What the hell?! She can’t DARE leave us like this?! I NEED to know what happens next!!!” Unfortunately, we don’t know when we’ll learn what happens next as there is no release date yet for the next book. So we’ll just have to wait here. Patiently. Yeah…I don’t do patient well…

Cecy released a novella titled A Cursed Moon last month. I don’t think it’s necessary to read it before cracking this latest installment open but I would strongly recommend it. There are some happenings that occur in that booklet that you witness the results of in this book and if you, like me, read the book before the novella, you will read something…then feel you have to read it again because you obviously missed something. Things are sort of explained quickly but you still feel as though you missed some major happenings.

All in all, Cursed by Destiny was a wonderful continuation to the series and just an all around exciting and entertaining read.