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Primal Temptation - Sydney Somers Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

Primal Temptation is the fourth book in Sydney Somers Pendragon Gargoyles series. This is a solid series with good story telling mixed in with very interesting twists on mythology. It also has a very interesting mix of paranormal creatures – some you don’t tend to see in paranormal romance books.

This installment focuses on Briana and Lucan (Luke). Briana is a cat/gargoyle shifter and Luke is a wraith. Both have been cursed by Rhiannon after Arthur died. Yes, Arthur and the Knights of the round table…that Arthur. Like I said, the twist on mythology in this series is incredible. All the Knights have been cursed because they failed to protect Arthur. Others were also cursed pretty much for the same reason. And some characters who were cursed led some pretty interesting lives ‘before’…such as Merlin and Lancelot! But you don’t know who they were before until all is revealed! So cool! Sydney does a fantastic job with the world in these books.

To break the curse that has been set upon them, Pendragon’s must find their mate. Briana actually found her mate ages ago but didn’t want to share that information with her overly protective brothers (the heroes from the previous books) because of who her mate is. He is not well liked by pretty much everyone in this paranormal community and not because he isn’t a decent guy but because he can’t help the hunter he is cursed to be and he pretty much scared the bejeebus out of everyone. Except for Briana. Even Luke does not know he is her mate, and let me tell you, that scene is good. :)

Briana and Luke have a more complex history than I imagined and the way Sydney wrote their time together and blended it with flashback was great. It really shows you just how long Briana’s journey to ‘happiness’ has been and how right these two are for each other. Of course, Luke has been fighting his attraction to Briana for centuries and sometimes watching him struggle with his feelings was a bit frustrating (meaning you may find yourself yelling : “just take her already!”) but seeing what he is, it is all mostly understandable.

Briana has spunk and I like that and Luke is quite yummy and I like that too. *grin*

There is much more to the story than just Briana and Luke. War is coming and a tradition of sorts before war begins is that there is some version of immortal Games. These are called the Gauntlet. Well, Briana and Luke have been chosen to compete. The Games themselves were very interesting and I enjoyed reading the different tasks the players had to overcome. Sydney’s imagination really works here. The Games were fast paced and really fun to read. You will definitely sit a little bit on the edge of your seat while reading the Game scenes.

There are some side characters that were interesting and who have chemistry that rivaled Briana’s and Lucan’s. Nessa, Mac, Vaughn and Elena are all characters to watch in this book.

Overall, I was very happy with Primal Temptation. It was nice to finally get Briana and Luke’s story as well as catch up with heroes and heroines from the past installments. Sydney had created such an interesting world, it’s difficult not to be in awe as you read these books. I know that the ‘original’ siblings have all found their HEA but I’m hoping that the new and interesting characters will provide enough inspiration for Sydney to continue the series.