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Bitter Spirits (Bitter Spirits #1) - Jenn Bennett Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

Bitter Spirits is the first book in Jenn Bennett’s new Roaring Twenties paranormal romance series. As the name suggests, this series is set in the 1920’s. Now most of you know by now that I don’t read many historical romance books as I have trouble clicking with them. Makes no sense but there it is. But apparently I have no trouble clicking with the 20’s because holy cow, this book was awesome.

Bitter Spirits tells the tale of Aida, a spirit medium and Winter, the perfect sort of alpha hero.

Let’s start with Aida.

I really found her character to be endearing. She is strong, smart and sassy and won’t take lip from anyone. I loved her spunk. I thought it was fun that she is described as full of freckles. You don’t see that often in romance books, but this little detail made Aida even more accessible to me. She’s just awesome.

Now let’s talk about Winter. OMG did I ever love him! He is alpha to the bone but he is my new favorite sort of macho man. He is bossy but not an absolute arse. I love how he is around Aida. And I love how lost he gets when he realizes it’s love. There is just something about an alpha man in love – it’s just too cute and ‘awww’ worthy. I love how he woos Aida. I love how he treats his sister and his employees. I love everything about him and think he is one of the yummiest men I have ever read.

I love how Jenn wrote their romance. Its progression is so natural. These are two people who are incredibly attracted to each other but are trying to fight it. Okay, scratch that. Winter is not trying to fight it but he is not thinking love and commitment either. Aida just wants to be left alone…or does she??? And let’s talk about the sexy times. I read erotica – not often, but I do – and I found the lovin’ in this book to be even hotter than some of what I’ve read from that genre. Oh my goodness, they are so hot! I am not saying that Jenn wrote super x-rated porn-worthy scenes. The truth is, when you look at those scenes at face value, they don’t seem all that steamy but there is something about the way they are written. The chemistry between the characters. And also the time period adds to it. It’s the 1920′s so flings aren’t considered proper. So add in a bit of that ‘naughtiness’ to Aida and Winter’s love scenes and you have fireworks!

The world Jenn writes is fantastic. Then again, it’s not a real surprise since Jenn’s world in her Arcadia Bell series is one of the most unique and interesting out there. Jenn brought prohibition into her story and it really adds an extra level of excitement. It also help completely submerge you into the era she has written in. This is a paranormal romance but not in your usual ‘vampire and weres’ sense. It focuses on the supernatural and magic. Totally cool. I liked witnessing Aida calling on spirits. It never felt hokey or silly.

The story is great fun. Winter hires Aida to rid a ghost who is following him. The kicker being he shouldn’t be able to see ghosts to begin with! And the ghosts that follow him are mean and unlike ghosts Aida usually sees. So it all becomes a mystery. And quite suspenseful. Why are the ghosts the way they are? Why can Winter spot them? What do they want with him? And I did not see who the ultimate bad guy was until it was revealed. Great story, great mystery, great adventure.

There are plenty of secondary characters in this book and they are all well done. To note would be Winter’s sister, Astrid. She is just a teenager but I like her already. We also meet and see quite a bit of Bo, Winter’s assistant. He is awesome and I am liking the idea of him having his own book someday. But next up in the series is Lowe, Winter’s brother. He is only mentioned in the book. What do we know? HE’s an archeologist. That’s pretty much it. So I can’t wait to meet him and whoever his lady ends up being. His book is called Grim Shadows and it’s due to release June 3rd 2014.

Overall, I really really enjoyed Bitter Spirits. It’s a new and fresh spin on paranormal romance, filled with wonderful characters and an exciting story. Jenn proves once again that her writing talent knows no bounds. This is definitely a book worth checking out.